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I offer workshops for people who want to develop their knowledge and techniques of polymer clay in a friendly atmosphere. I travel for a minimum of 12 people. The workshop then takes place in an adapted room provided by the organizer of the workshop. If you are an organizer, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.


I was fortunate to be part of the teachers’ team of the site CraftArtEdu, a site that offered online classes. This collaboration has helped me to offer various and complete tutorials. It was important for me to continue to offer the same quality tutorials. In my shop you can find my classes in French or English made for CraftArtEdu as well as news. I kept the possibility to view a presentation of each class as well as to download a PDF which takes up the essential of the video.


I like to have tools which make the work on polymer clay easier. During my workshops, I realized that my students as well wanted to have access to such tools. I am therefore selling some in my shop.


Polymer Clay

message rings

I have always been fascinated by poison rings. Obviously, I’m not interest by the poison idea but by the hidden place. Lately,I needed benevolence and positive thoughts to fight pettiness and gloom. So I use Read more…

Polymer Clay

Twist Necklaces

I’m preparing the workshop which will take place this weekend. This will be the first time I will teach Twist jewelry (based on the use of threaded rods in polymer clay). I look forward! I Read more…

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