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I spend the last few months thinking and developing a new project.

It all started with the desire to change my signature. I wanted to continue signing my jewelry but with my name and no longer with my pseudonym. I looked for how to make a stamp such as the one I had (it was acrylic made). This search took me much further than I thought. I discovered a new tool (laser cutting) that opens new possibilities for me to express myself..

I   tried to laser cut the polymer clay (successfully) before realizing that laser cutting PVC (the base material of our clay) was not recommended because of the risk of noxious vapors during the cut and risk of corrosion for the machine. I admit that at the time, I was very disappointed!

But I accepted the bad news and finally it’s a great opportunity for me to explore other materials.

Polymer clay earrings, chestnut wood, walnut wood and stainless steel

A project development is time, opportunities but it is mostly human encounters, discussions and exchanges. We do not mature alone: Marion, talking about shared workshops put me on the trail of the Fablabs. My sister Yaël convinced me to buy a laser machine, which for me was inconceivable because of the price and the lack of space in my studio. Dori show me a machine that I did not know. My brothers in law Didier and Fabrice have pushed back the walls of my studio so that I can install my machine. Christian, a volunteer at the Fablab St Priest, thanks to his knowledge of laser machines has allowed me to gain confidence and to complete my project.

I spent almost 8 months on a path that crossed a roller coaster: a path that saw me alternate moments of excitement, fear, doubts, joy, disappointment and hopes…. But now I know that I am on the right path: mine.

maple wood and polymer clay

Okoume wood and polymer clay
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