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My favourite Jewel

Published by Olga NICOLAS on

Walnut wood and polymer clay

I really like earrings. Maybe because I could not wear them until I was 32, when I had my ears pierced. I like long earings, colorful and with original shapes. But I really do not like the feeling that my ears are lying on the floor at the end of the day (that’s the impression I get when I’ve worn heavy earrings).

maple wood and polymer clay

My latest earrings are light and yet they are imposing. I realize that wood is actually lighter than polymer clay.

walnut wood and polymer clay

I spent a lot of time drawing this shape, modifying it, changing it and thinking about the best way to insert the polymer clay into the wood. I do not have a graphic design training so I grope a lot.

reversible earrings : maple wood, polymer clay and stainless steel
mahogany hardwood and polymer clay

Obviously I used this form on reversible earrings. Others are coming with rosewood on a side and burr maple on the other side.

And you? What is the jewel you prefer to wear?

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Julie Malcolm · May 7 2019 at 13:57

Your hard work has very much paid off, these earrings are beautiful. I love the shape and design. I like to wear necklaces. This design might make a nice pendant.

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