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Published by Olga NICOLAS on

Yesterday I spent my day fighting with the shipping settings on my website. It was difficult; I was scared because my website went down for a moment but I finally won:

I wanted to offer free shipping for orders of a certain amount. Work is done :

Free shipping for an order over 65 euros and delivered in France.

Free shipping for an order over 100 euros and delivered in Europe, United States, Canada or Australia.

I also adapted the shipping costs according to the shipments: cheap postage for stencils or for personalized stamps; shipping without tracking for accessories and tools and finally shipping with tracking for a shipment of jewelry.

My delivery system is not perfect but it seems to me fairer.

What I have to do now is set up a points system to reward your loyalty. I will get my hands dirty again but not for now because yesterday’s work gave me some cold sweat.

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