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Published by Olga NICOLAS on

I had a few questions regarding the workshop that I will teach this year. It seems that I have scared some of you by mentioning the use of vector drawing software.

So I’m going to try to explain this workshop in a better way.

Put this vector drawing software aside. This does not concern the content of the workshop. This is a gift that I offer to my students after the workshop (it’s a video tutorial) which will be useful if my teaching has aroused their appetite. Indeed, what I sought while working on this project was to open up possibilities.

Regarding the content of these 2 days of training, there is a lot of techniques to explore:

Surface techniques that look like abstract painting, wash and abstract watercolor. We play with colors, traces, overlays… It’s very liberating and really addictive.

Mineral effects: The base of the earrings allows you to work on effects that are close to stones. It sometimes look like certain minerals or certain polished granites.

The easy but nonetheless professional creation of your own earring findings.

A creative opening on the manufacturing then the use of a perfectly detailed liquid silicone mold, resistant and reusable a very large number of times. This mold can be used with polymer clay but also with other materials and in particular with resin. This specific work around the mold may not be of immediate use to you, but it is an enrichment to feed your creative process and your library of techniques and solutions.

This list is not exhaustive: Many other things and tips are covered during this training course.

I look forward to sharing all of these techniques with you during the workshop.