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You haven’t heard from me on my site since the start of quarantine. The current situation has destabilized me (like you I think) even if the quarantine for my family is easier than for others: I live in the countryside with a large garden. My two youngest boys are with me as well as my husband. My eldest son is far from me, but in a country where the spread of the virus is fairly low (in Australia). We hear from him very often.

Of course, my business was severely impacted and I, like you, had to adapt to these changes.

I kept going to my studio every day, but to be honest, the uncertainty   and a feeling of helplessness didn’t help me to focus on a creative project.

What helped me a lot was following the month-long challenge launched by Ana Bondu, a great mixed media artist. For 30 days she offers each day a YouTube video to review the classics of mixed media.

Gesso on polymer clay
faux wood
gel printing on polymer clay

I have fun doing tests and experiments. (You can find them on my Instagram).

I am boosted and ready to continue

I also decided to send orders again but only once a week (Wednesday) and only for France for now.

I hope this uncertain and stressful period is not too difficult for you and that you manage to find positive in all this.

Take care of yourself and the people you love.

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