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Published by Olga NICOLAS on

Custom stamp
Textured sheets using stencils and signed with personalized stamps.

I have been offering the possibility of making personalized signature stamps for a year now. There are two kinds: a very thin one to sign on the edge of your pieces (but also on the back) and another rectangular to sign a little bit larger. As I like to decorate the backs of my jewelry with textures (with stencils, for example ,as in this video ). My signature stamp was a little less legible. So I imagined a small tool to flatten the space where I wanted to put my signature. I found this tool so essential that I now automatically add it to any stamp order. This tool is made at the size corresponding to the stamp.

This video shows how to use this tool. I use the very thin stamp here to sign on a line.

If you want an even more personalized stamp: with a logo or a font different from the ones I offer, contact me so we can see together what it is possible to do. The time it takes to prepare the engrave file will depend a lot on the quality of the image you provide.

Finally, know that it is possible to request a rubber stamp to print on paper or cardboard …. Again, don’t hesitate to contact me to talk about what you want.