Custom stamp special polymer clay

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These stamps are specially developed  to sign your creations in polymer clay. They are harder than regular stamps and can not be used on paper and cardboard.
This size is perfect to use this stamp on the back of your creations in polymer clay.
The rectangular stamp measure 23 mm x 15 mm.
The oval stamp measure 22 mm x 16 mm.
You can use them with ink pads or as seals.
These stamps can also be used to sign pottery creations, on  shortbread or sugar paste or for the creation of soap.
You can order it with its personalized handle. If you order the stamp alone, plan to attach it to a stand before using it.
Each stamp comes with explanations.
You can order a second stamp totally similar to the first but in another size and possibly in rubber (to use your name on paper, gift wrap, presentation tags …).
Note that the second buffer is not supplied with a handle but you can order one.
Remember when you place the order to note exactly the text you want to appear and send me your logo if any.

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Font n°1, Font n°2, Font n°3, Font n°4, Font n°5, Font n°6, Font n°7


oval, Rectangle


no, yes

second stamp

30 mm x 20 mm, 30 mm x 20 mm rubber, 30 mm x 22 mm, 30 mm x 22 mm rubber, 45 mm x 30 mm, 45 mm x 30 mm rubber, 45mm x 33 mm, 45mm x 33 mm rubber, I don't want to order a second stamp


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