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2-day course / Private Tuition

This contemporary jewelry course is for you if you want to discover a way to enhance your polymer clay work or any other material you work with (ceramics, wood…) by combining it with another material: metal (brass or copper).

You’ll learn how to work and join these two materials in a solid way, using the prong setting technique: polymer clay is held in place by rods also named claws that you solder to a metal plate.

Using examples and templates, you’ll choose the design from scratch. Together, we’ll study the feasibility of your project and the most appropriate mounting for your piece. I’ll take you step by step through the design of a piece of jewelry just as you’ve imagined and drawn it.

The photos presented here are only examples to help you design your jewelry.

During this course you will learn :

  • What different metals can be used and soldered with a blowtorch.
  • Which metal to use, based on its properties, advantages and disadvantages.
  • How to use a jewelers’saw and which blade to choose.
  • Easily transfer the shape you want to cut onto the metal.
  • Choose the effect you want to give the metal (smooth, textured, brushed, patinated, etc.).
  • how to prepare polymer clay for setting (glossy or matt finish).
  • the basics of soldering
  • how to easily patina your metal piece.
  • how to choose the mounting best suited to the shape of your jewel.
  • the basic materials you need to continue learning at home.
pendentif laiton et pâte polymère

Prerequisites :

This course is perfect for people who are thinking of starting a jewelry-making business, but also for people who already have a creative, craft or art activity and want to improve their practice.

No prerequisites are needed for this course.

All materials are included, and the necessary tools will be provided throughout the course.

Bring comfortable clothes and/or apron.

Price : 160 euros

Feel free to contact me beforehand if you have any questions or special requests.