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Sylvie and I offer you to discover a same idea through two different approaches and two different construction processes. The surface techniques specific to each of them will show the use of various mediums for surprising results. The pieces created in each class are interchangeable and can be used in both projects as well as combined to create more jewelry pieces. With Sylvie you will discover a brooch connector and its detachable and interchangeable pieces or a pair of earrings. And with me you will create a necklace where neckline and connectors enable to assemble the pieces in many different ways to match your needs and desires.



Les commandes passées à partir du 23 mars seront préparées mais ne seront envoyées qu'à partir de la fin du confinement. Merci pour votre compréhension. Orders placed from march 23th will be prepared but not sent until the end of the quarantine. Thanks for your understanding. Dismiss