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Creative review of the last semester

I don’t take enough time to write articles in my blog. I posted a bit more on social media but I have to admit I’m not very good at communicating. As an artist, business owner and teacher, there are inevitably times when you doubt yourself: Of your ability to renew yourself, to be different. You ask yourself a thousand questions: will my work appeal; will this training proposal be interesting? Is it attractive enough? Is it interesting enough? And then the question that comes up most often for me: what path do I want to Read more…

creative notebook


The challenge in collaboration with Hélène Jean Claude on Facebook made me want to share here an article I wrote for the Winter 2018 issue of Polymerweek magazine (a magazine focused on polymer clay and published in English). It was about the creative process. The article was longer but I chose to share what I thought was essential. I also replaced some of the photos that were in the article with slightly more current ones. Most people use the word inspiration to talk about the creative process. Inspiration is something that happens suddenly and imposes Read more…

Online course polymer clay


Online course polymer clay, self-paced, lifetime access, online Facebook community My online class “To go further” is now available in English. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy creating in your studio, in your home at your own pace. No matter where you live, what time you like to create or how many times you want to watch. In this class I will guide you through the process of creating a mold and filling this mold with polymer clay to obtain a stone effect. I will also show you some tricks and tips to play Read more…

polymer clay tutorial


This tutorial is about making a necklace all in polymer clay with a sliding part allowing it to be adapted in length. How does it work? You will have acces to : a video of over 50 minutes A hundred pages long PDF with pictures and texts that you can download several printable templates a printable graph paper to help you for some cutting and drilling steps 2 bonus vidéos : One video in which I show a surface technique different from the one shown in this tutorial and another video that explain further the Read more…


There is a real love story between stencils and I ! After using them on walls and on furniture, I started using them on polymer clay in 2014, especially on the project of this tutorial: The next project was totally different but also included the use of stencils. Then I continued with a brooch project that I taught at the JAFA in 2015 in Verneuil (close to Paris). The tutorial project “unbalanced necklace” also uses stencils. I have an impressive number of scrapbooking stencils but often they are too large for satisfied me on polymer Read more…


Today I should have been in Verneuil with studients for a workshop . I find it hard to believe that today is the 48th day of lockdown in France. In reaction to these events, I chose to keep a constant: being at the studio every day and working. Here is a video that resumes part of my activities from last month. I followed the challenge of @anabondu  #30daysofmixedmediawithana using my favorite medium : polymer clay. Here is the notebook created from this challenge.

mixed media on polymer clay


You haven’t heard from me on my site since the start of quarantine. The current situation has destabilized me (like you I think) even if the quarantine for my family is easier than for others: I live in the countryside with a large garden. My two youngest boys are with me as well as my husband. My eldest son is far from me, but in a country where the spread of the virus is fairly low (in Australia). We hear from him very often. Of course, my business was severely impacted and I, like you, Read more…

abstract painting on polymer clay and polymer clay molding


I had a few questions regarding the workshop that I will teach this year. It seems that I have scared some of you by mentioning the use of vector drawing software. So I’m going to try to explain this workshop in a better way. Put this vector drawing software aside. This does not concern the content of the workshop. This is a gift that I offer to my students after the workshop (it’s a video tutorial) which will be useful if my teaching has aroused their appetite. Indeed, what I sought while working on this Read more…

polymer clay workshop Olga Nicolas


I work with other materials and I discover new technologies. I learn a lot. My creations in polymer clay evolve also thanks to these new experiences. What I like most about my job is organizing trainings and meet you during workshops. So I worked; tested; experienced and I propose a new workshop all in polymer clay. I’m looking to organize it in FRANCE (Rhône) in March or April (but I’ll be happy to travel to teach it in your place. To learn more about this training: TO GO FURTHER

video about Olga Nicolas


I often feel frustrated not being able to express, through the photos of my jewels, the path of their creation. Why this shape, this design, this material … For almost a year my work has evolved and I use, for some of my jewelry, other materials such as wood or acrylic. Welcome to my studio to discover the creation of earrings from drawing to completion. The video is short but it presents the work of several days, weeks and even months.

wood and polymer clay earrings wearable art Olga Nicolas


Yesterday I spent my day fighting with the shipping settings on my website. It was difficult; I was scared because my website went down for a moment but I finally won: I wanted to offer free shipping for orders of a certain amount. Work is done : Free shipping for an order over 65 euros and delivered in France. Free shipping for an order over 100 euros and delivered in Europe, United States, Canada or Australia. I also adapted the shipping costs according to the shipments: cheap postage for stencils or for personalized stamps; shipping Read more…

wood and polymer clay earrings wearable art Olga Nicolas


You know it: I love creating (and wearing) earrings. When I was working on these earrings, I looked for simple shapes but a design big enough to express myself on polymer clay. Until now I have always created earrings that are seen when looking at the person from front . My latest earrings come to light when looking at the person from profile. So I had a hard time making all these photos: take pictures of my own profile: I can tell you that it is not easy!


I often work with inks but as I have a memory like a sieve, I often forget how colors change with baking. I thought it would be a great idea to make a color chart of my inks after baking. I just did not realize that I had stored more than 140 colors over the years. It took me a while. At one point I had doubts about my sanity. You have to be nuts to spend so much time on a color chart…. Nevertheless, I have a tool that will help me a lot. Read more…


When I look at this necklace, I’ m really proud. Despite its simple design, it gave me a lot of troubles. I had already made a similar design but not with 2 kinds of wood nor with a polymer clay part to insert into the wood. First I completely reworked the file that allows me to cut and engrave the wood. I had prepared a wood panel using a rosewood veneer on one side and a maple burl veneer on the other. Using my laser cutter, I then engraved each piece of the necklace before Read more…

My favourite Jewel

I really like earrings. Maybe because I could not wear them until I was 32, when I had my ears pierced. I like long earings, colorful and with original shapes. But I really do not like the feeling that my ears are lying on the floor at the end of the day (that’s the impression I get when I’ve worn heavy earrings). My latest earrings are light and yet they are imposing. I realize that wood is actually lighter than polymer clay. I spent a lot of time drawing this shape, modifying it, changing it Read more…


I could have called this article: “Looking back to move forward”. I like to think about the creative process. Why this shape, this design? Where does my idea come from …. What inspires me, interests me, feeds my work? I found in my old notebooks my sketches and notes taken in 2012 when I started making this necklace that I called virgule (that means comma) and was asymmetrical. In the original version, the backs were nice and textured. In the 2019 version, there is no more back but the possibility of wearing it on both Read more…

tampon signature pour pâte polymère


It’s been 10 years since I signed my jewelry with a small acrylic stamp. I used it a lot; he is indestructible. His very small size allowed me to sign discreetly on the edge of my jewelry. I wanted to continue signing my creations this way but with my name and no longer with my pseudonym. As I could not find anyone to make such a small stamp, I looked for a Fablab (a place where you can work on machines that are difficult to own as an individual) to create it myself. At the Read more…

contemporary earrings wood and polymer clay


I spend the last few months thinking and developing a new project. It all started with the desire to change my signature. I wanted to continue signing my jewelry but with my name and no longer with my pseudonym. I looked for how to make a stamp such as the one I had (it was acrylic made). This search took me much further than I thought. I discovered a new tool (laser cutting) that opens new possibilities for me to express myself.. I   tried to laser cut the polymer clay (successfully) before realizing that laser Read more…

boucles d'oreilles réversibles


  I love working with polymer clay because of its infinite creative possibilities. After more than 12 years of use and experimentation, I still feel enthusiasm to work this material. Enthusiasm is exactly what I felt when I started this new search. I wanted to work with “emptiness” and with the passage of light through my creations in the manner of moucharabieh. My inspirations are architectural: I think in particular of the Mucem in Marseille, a door of the Casa Mila de Gaudi in Barcelona and the wrought iron art. I have used laser cutting, Read more…

boucles d'oreilles réversibles

Polymania 2019

I’m very honoured to teach these new   earrings in Bristol next march with 2 very talented artists: Sylvie Peraud and Debbie Crothers. Thank you so much Cara Jane for the opportunity.  More information here : Polymania. I like to create reversible jewellery that can be adapted to the outfits I wear. What is quite simple to achieve for a necklace is more difficult for earrings. So I looked for a simple way to create these reversible earrings. This one-day project is very complete. You will discover and experiment 2 colored and playful surface treatments where inks, Read more…

polymer clay workshop Olga Nicolas


It’s been almost two years since Sylvie and I developed this system of connections. The connectors are the element that has evolved the most on this project. What was initially a “link” has become for us an important visual element. The connectors that I propose for the necklace during the workshop are simpler but once the system and the construction are understood, the possibilities to personalize your work is infinite.   The next “Elegant Connections” workshop will take place on 29 and 30 September in Nîmes (FRANCE). It is organized by l’atelier des Cévennes en Read more…

pebbles necklaces

I love the reversible jewels : my first reversible jewel   was a  bracelet. It was in 2007 : The pebbles also come back often in my creations. These necklaces are reversible and really comfortable to wear. They are adjustable in length and can be adapted to all morphologies.


It’s been a few weeks since I finished this necklace but I did not take the time to take pictures. (In fact I always push back because I’m never satisfied, so it takes me hours!) This is an evolution of the collaborative project with Sylvie Peraud: Elegant connections that we teach this year in different places and especially in 15 days in FRANCE ( Normandie). (see : Next Workshops)