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For a long time I was a school teacher and loved my job, but my creations required more and more time and combining both activities was getting harder. I chose creation and quit my job as a teacher. I have no regrets and go to work with a lot of pleasure! But my first professional choice : teaching remains an activity dear to my heart. This is the reason why I mainly concentrate on organizing workshops to share my knowledge of polymer clay.

In 2005, I was looking for a creative idea for my primary school pupils. This is how I discovered a tutorial to make polymer clay pens on the internet. I tried and I was conquered. At that time, I already created embroidered bead jewels and I wanted to make my own cabochons for my embroideries. I had just fallen under the spell of polymer clay. Working with polymer was so pleasant that I gradually abandoned all bead work. I have more artistic freedom with this medium. After my first experiments, I quickly joined an online group sharing this passion. I began to interact with other creators, to participate in meetings. These exchanges and meetings allowed me to progress but above all allowed me to meet beautiful people.

Since I discovered polymer clay I have been attracted by all surface techniques. As time goes by, I order less blocks of colored clay and mainly work with black and white clay. I bring colors by adding other materials such as acrylic or oil paints, pigments, pastels, inks, felt pens...

Contrasts are also very pleasant to me : combining smooth and rough surfaces or mat and shiny for example.

When I look at how my work has evolved I realize that I look more and more forward to sober esthetic jewelry pieces that give the feeling of simplicity. On the opposite hand, the construction and elaboration of my pieces are more complex and technical. My essential concern is to create jewelry that is easy to wear and practical, this is how I worked on ideas of « simple to use » but invisible clasps that I hide on the focal piece of my jewelry. I also work on making pieces that are convertible, modular and articulated and this research motivates me.

Mom of three boys, I am married to a man that supports me in my passion. I live in the countryside close to Lyon in France.


Pamela Breakwell · February 9 2021 at 17:11

On the 19th of November 1920 I purchased your tutorial on how to make your Miyajima necklace. I forgot I had purchased it until recently when I was checking my PayPal account. I have checked my junk box, but I’m unable to find the link that you mention.
Please will you send me this link again.
Thanking you,

    Olga Nicolas · February 9 2021 at 17:54

    I just send it to you by email. Have a nice evening

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