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I sign my work with a stamp personalized with my name. Here’s how I use it:

For several months now, I’ve been making small polymer clay labels on which I use my signature stamp. I bake them. They’re then ready to be used to make new jewelry.

Here’s how I use them once they’re baked:

If you also want a signature stamp, you can order it :

or request a quote for a stamp with your logo.


For years, I’ve been using a divider to cut strips from a very thin sheet of polymer clay. I use these strips to cover the edges of my jewelry.

You can find this divider for sale on my website:


The “fun part” of sanding polymer clay….. It’s often a necessary step to obtain a beautiful glossy finish. I don’t like this step at all, so I designed a kit to shorten the time spent on this step, with stunning results, as you can see in this video:

Sanding is not possible on painted polymer clay unless the paint (or whatever medium has been had to the clay) has been protected by a very thin layer of translucent clay , as is the case here.

You can skip the first part to view only the kit’s instructions for use.


I’ve always taken care of the back of my jewelry: it’s like a gift I give to the person who’s going to wear it. I like to add a textured pattern, sometimes using a stencil and fabric.

I’ve been designing and making these stencils for several years. You can find them on my website in the stencils category.


On my Instagram account, I shared a video in which I show how I use a rubber signature stamp with embossing powder to personalize my earring presentation cards.

Also on Instagram, I shared a video in which I show how I make my earring displays.