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My studio is very small but this is the place where I feel happy.. It is located in an annex of my home, in Savigny in the countryside of Lyon (FRANCE).

atelier bijouterie fantaisie

This is where I imagine, design, prototype and make all my jewellery.

atelier bijouterie fantaisie

This desk is where I work on polymer clay jewellery but it is also the space where I record my training and tutorials.

Little by little I built this jeweller’s bench and this is my metal working space. This is where I saw, file, form, solder and sand brass and silver.

découpeuse laser bijouterie

This big machine is my laser cutter. I invested at the end of 2018 and this tool helps me to offer stamps, stencils and other accessories to other polymer clay enthusiasts. It also allows me to cut the plexiglass and wood that I use for my jewellery.

I have privileged my making space but I also exhibit some of my jewellery.

I welcome people who are curious to see the steps of my work or who would like to have a look at the jewellery. Please feel free to contact me for an appointment.