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SURFACE TREATMENTS with stencils and textures

1 day course / Private Tuition POLYMER CLAY

This contemporary jewelry course is for you if you want to discover a different way of using polymer clay.

You’ll learn to work with polymer clay as a surface, a support like a canvas that allows you to explore the many possibilities of mixed media, using stencils and textures.

Dry pastels, inks, acrylic paints and other mediums will be used.

The aim of this course is to enrich and vary your possibilities. You’ll leave with a large number of veneers ready for use in your own creations. We’ll make a few pieces to show you how to use these veneers but finish and assemble your pieces into jewelry is not included in this course. (A course dedicated to finishing and assemble jewelry is in preparation).

In this course you will learn :

  • What are the different artistic mediums that can be used with polymer clay?
  • Which medium to choose according to its properties, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Which stencil or texture to choose, depending on the desired effect.
  • Which stencil size and pattern to choose.
  • How to transform a polymer clay veneer you don’t like.
  • Choosing to work with raw or baked clay.
  • How to cut a precise shape out of a baked clay sheet.
  • How to create elegant, subtle backs.
  • The best ways to protect the resulting design (matte and gloss finishes), so you can offer a piece of jewelry that will stand up over time.

Prerequisites :

This course is particularly suitable for people with no experience of this material who wish to discover its possibilities, but also for people who already work with polymer clay and wish to enrich their practice and skills.

Price : 130€

Feel free to contact me beforehand if you have any questions or special requests.