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Published by Olga NICOLAS on

In France, the laws for making and selling precious metal jewelry (silver, gold and platinum) are strict and numerous. I summarize the most important ones:

You have to apply to the guarantee office (customs) on which you depend; to have your’s hallmark made (once it has been validated by the customs office); to fill out a police book and to own an approved scale.

In view of the many constraints and the investment that this generates, I hesitated for a long time to jump in. I finally took all the steps after having weighed the pros and cons.

Since the beginning of my jewelry design business, at every turn of my activity I have always followed my instincts; I have taken risks that have systematically opened new possibilities. I hope, this time again, that this decision will bring me other possibilities.

I do not abandon the other materials I work with. On the contrary: I add other possibilities to my multi-material jewelry. What interests me since the beginning of my adventure is to associate different materials. The game is even more interesting when it comes to associating materials that are not usually married together: silver and polymer clay for example.


You can find more information about the materials I work with here.

I hope you will follow me on this path too. Don’t hesitate to tell me in comments what you think about it.

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