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Online course polymer clay

Online course polymer clay, self-paced, lifetime access, online Facebook community

This class is a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, share your creations and ask questions.

The course will take place in a private group on FACEBOOK that will be open from February 27th and will remain open indefinitely. You can join the class when you want.

The course can be followed at your own pace since all instructions and videos are recorded .

I will make a few live videos (which will be visible offline) during which I will welcome you and explain the purpose of this class and give demonstrations or to show you what my solutions are facing a difficulty or an issue.

In addition, you will benefit from my support in the form of comments when you post your questions or achievements on the group.

You have access to a detailed PDF of several pages that you can print. You can, of course, sell creations made from this tutorial.

The price includes the course, which means access to all the modules (14 videos) as well as a very complete PDF that includes the main part of the course. It does not include silicone, nor a molding template.

This class is suitable for anyone with an interest in experimenting with innovating technics and materials and who wants to think outside the box.

To enroll in this class, you should be aware that you will need liquid silicone; the necessary materials to measure and mix the 2 components of this silicone and a molding template.

If you do not have these elements, I also propose the course + a kit including silicone, a beaker, a mixing stick and a template.


Unit 1 : presentation

Unit 2 : How to make a silicone mold

part 1 : Preparation of the silicone mold

part 2 : Silicone dosage (amount)

part 3 : Silicone mold release

Unit 3 : Creation of the base

part 1 : Chose the colors

part 2 : Filling the mold

part 3 : Unmolding the piece of clay

part 4 : Sand and polish

Unit 4 : Creation of the inserts

part 1 : Preparation of the plates

part 2 : Painting the plates

part 3 : Matte finish

part 4 : Cutting and fitting

Unit 5 : Hooks and mounting

part 1 : Form the hooks

part 2 : Drilling and gluing

Unit 6 : Make your own templates in polymer clay



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