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SYMBIOSIS : Metal & Polymer clay workshop

stage metal et pate polymere

Rivets allow you to combine polymer clay and metal in a solid and elegant way. It is not necessary to have complex equipment to participate in this workshop (however, some basic tools are required).

This workshop is for you if you want to discover a way to enhance your polymer clay work by combining it with another material: metal

During this workshop you will learn :

  • What different metals can be used; which ones to avoid
  • How to choose metal according to its properties
  • How to use jewellers’ saw frame and which blade to choose.
  • How to easily transfer the shape you want to cut onto the metal.
  • How to drill the metal to place rivets.
  • How to give metal a neat finish and a brushed look.
  • How to texture metal easily without distorting it.
  • How to create a polymer clay veneer using an easy and fun surface technique for a colourful and vivid result.
  • A few tips on how to develop this surface technique by combining it with other mixed media effects.
  • How to seal a polymer clay veneer in an effective way and mate effect.
  • How to make your own rivets.
  • How to attach the polymer clay and the metal with the riveting technique.
  • How to make your own clasps (on leather cord) to match the pendant and how to attach them without glue.

During the workshop, I provide :

The metal used

The saw blades

A bench pin (the support you use when cutting the metal)

Templates for cutting metal and polymer clay according to the model you will choose (Several designs will be provided with different levels of difficulty).

a written document summarising the essential stages of the project

I will also have some tools to lend.

A list of materials is provided (several weeks in advance)