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Published by Olga NICOLAS on

I could have called this article: “Looking back to move forward”. I like to think about the creative process. Why this shape, this design? Where does my idea come from …. What inspires me, interests me, feeds my work?

I found in my old notebooks my sketches and notes taken in 2012 when I started making this necklace that I called virgule (that means comma) and was asymmetrical.

Some examples from 2012 to 2015

In the original version, the backs were nice and textured. In the 2019 version, there is no more back but the possibility of wearing it on both sides. I also lightened the shape by adding openwork wood.

Reversible comma necklace. Okoume wood and polymer clay
seconde side of the precedent necklace
This one is not reversible.

Then I used the comma shape to create a “pebbles
necklace “. (reversible of course).

bois d’Okoumé, pâte polymère et cordon en caoutchouc. Longueur réglable.
this necklace is worn by a lovely person whom I appreciate very much.

I finally used this shape to create earrings; what I had never done before. I like them a lot. Their curves elegantly highlight the face.

Okoume wood, polymer clay and silver

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