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Twist Jewelry

Published by Olga NICOLAS on

About a year ago, I showed you earrings and brooches with reversible parts : They just had to be turned. It’s time to show a little more! The secret: threaded rods in polymer clay. Currently I’m preparing a workshop project on this jewelry.

Categories: Polymer Clay


Rupa · September 1 2017 at 00:29

Waiting for video class on threaded rods please

Rupa · September 1 2017 at 00:27

I love your work, I have bought all your tutorials from craft art edu, but that site closed now . And I am interesting in learning your latest creation threaded rods and reversible pendants. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

    Olga Nicolas · September 1 2017 at 07:55

    Thanks Rupa for your kind words. I will certainly do a video tutorial about threaded rod. For now, I want to teach this project in workshops.

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