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Published by Olga NICOLAS on


I love working with polymer clay because of its infinite creative possibilities. After more than 12 years of use and experimentation, I still feel enthusiasm to work this material.

Enthusiasm is exactly what I felt when I started this new search.

I wanted to work with “emptiness” and with the passage of light through my creations in the manner of moucharabieh. My inspirations are architectural: I think in particular of the Mucem in Marseille, a door of the Casa Mila de Gaudi in Barcelona and the wrought iron art.

I have used laser cutting, a technique I have never seen used on polymer clay. I had already cut clay with my small cutting plotter but laser cutting allows me to work on larger thicknesses and with impressive precision. This new research allowed me to learn a lot: it took me not only to take in hand this machine, to find the right settings to cut out this material correctly but also to design in vector images the shapes and patterns of the pieces to be cut. I finally had to find how to integrate and highlight this cutting work in my creations.

The exploration of this technical device opens me a multitude of new perspectives and that enchants me.

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